Care Home Design Trends for 2022

Care homes and retirement villages are undergoing an evolution in design, with the baby boomer generation actively entering into retirement and driving the change to a more home-like experience.

Over the last decade, we have seen a move towards more contemporary interiors that will appeal to all generations, incorporating design trends seen in other industries, such as hospitality.

To help care environments embrace this new approach in design, suppliers are embracing the latest trends in interior design, with the likes of Infinitum Furniture providing ranges that create enticing environments that are warm and inviting.

This blog takes a look at the latest care home design trends for 2022 and beyond.

1) Surfaces

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a major role in influencing the interior design of care homes and retirement villages.

As the lockdowns left many stuck indoors, we now have a desire to experience the outdoors, exploring the nature around us.

Care facilities are looking at natural surfaces like leather for their furniture.

Inspired by this need, we are seeing a lot of natural surfaces being included into the very latest care home design trends.

These include:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Terracotta
  • Clay
  • Linen
  • Marble
  • Leather

Many care homes are featuring these surfaces in their choices of furniture and overall aesthetics, from wooden wall panels, linens for fabrics and natural woods for tables and chairs.

Leather is a material that is on trend as it is a natural surface that is easy to clean, making it perfect for a care home environment in enhancing infection prevention.

Natural surfaces are also popular as they have the ability to create a luxurious feel, which is what many residents are looking for.

By adding marble flooring to a bistro or dining area, you can create the impression of a high-end facility, that will be enticing for residents, visitors and staff.

Infinitum Furniture Brochure

The inspiration behind Innova’s new Infinitum Furniture range is to create homely, spacious interiors that embrace a modern ‘boutique hotel’ feel.

Taking in the latest trends, using natural surfaces and colours, Infinitum Furniture embodies luxury style with tailored designs of fabrics and woods to create stunning interiors.

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2) Colours

Following the trend of nature and the outdoors, earthy tones are the dominant colours we are seeing in new care homes and retirement villages.

During the pandemic, there was a focus on white and different shades of beige, that was very clean and clinical, with infection control at the forefront of design.

Kendra Chairs for Care Homes
Natural colours and earthy tones are the dominant colours care homes are going for.

However, with restrictions to daily life lifted, there has been a change towards more natural and warm tones, looking at terracotta, mustard, mushroom, sage and brown to deliver calm and peaceful spaces.

To fit in with more contemporary design trends, we’ve also seen natural colours of green and orange added to communal areas to generate an impact, helping to give a more vibrant feel and lend itself to being more intergenerational for visitors and staff.

Colour trends for the future

Looking beyond 2022, Pantone have already announced their colour of the year for 2023 with ‘Digital Lavender’.

Residents and care home providers are now looking for more subtle and pastel tones that will help create solace and peaceful spaces.

With ‘Digital Lavendar’, it signifies stability, serenity and digital escapism, things we are all looking for, while its neutral tone will appeal to all ages, whether that is a resident, visitor or staff member.

‘Digital Lavendar’ is the Pantone colour of the year for 2023

By adding elements of this colour to a bedroom or dining area, care homes can add a freshness to their room, using subtle hints to create calm and relaxing environments for everyone to enjoy.

3) Shapes and Backdrops

In care environments, it is important to stay clear of sharp lines as if a resident has a fall, it is far safer to have pieces of furniture that have curved edges than those with sharp points.

As nature and the outdoors is at the forefront of interior design in care, we are seeing sculptural and curved designs trending prominently in the types of furniture that is being selected for new care homes and retirement villages.

We are also seeing the use of curved walls and tiles to create form, which is of paramount importance with wayfinding in a home, helping those with dementia or limited visibility to differentiate which room they are in.

Curved Design Care Home Furniture
Sculptural and curved designs are sought after by care homes and retirement villages.

An example of this is adding curved walls and furniture in a restaurant or café, providing a visual guide to residents but also making the space more visually appealing.

To learn more about how care home design has evolved, click here to read our blog.

Dramatic Backdrops

Layering, where you add lots of detail into a small space to create a wow factor, is another popular trend that has popped up into designs for care environments.

Designers and care home providers are no longer just thinking about a place where residents live, but are also considerate of visitors of all ages and staff who work there.

Dramatic backdrops help create more intergenerational spaces in care environments.

By adding an intergenerational element, dramatic backdrops are becoming commonplace, with rooms that feature details that make people want to take photos and share it on their social media channels.

An example would be to add a statement bookcase, bold wallpaper or furniture with prominent patterns in communal areas, a café or sitting room.

4) Tactile Textures and Textiles

As we have seen, care homes and retirement villages have a focus on ensuring their facility feels more like a home than an institution.

This explains why we are seeing an increase in more elaborate care home design trends in furniture and room layouts, using large patterned prints and piping details to help give environments more personality and vibrancy.

Piping in particular is a design bang on trend, added to chairs to provide contrast and form to help those with poor eyesight.

Piping enables furniture to provide contrast and form to help with wayfinding.

Click here to read how Innova Care Concepts achieved this look for Santhem Residences.

Large and bold prints are another way to create a focal point within a room.

Used sparingly, they can be added as wall art or to furniture to give a room presence and provide a warm, homely feel to areas such as restaurants or cafes.

Rosa 068 P Lounge Chair
Rosa 068 P Lounge Chair


This blog has provided a guide into the latest care home design trends for 2022 and beyond.

From incorporating natural colours and surfaces to dramatic backdrops, care homes and retirement villages are constantly looking at ways to make their facilities less clinical and more homely.

Not only are they adding in design elements that will enhance the experience for residents, creating more luxurious surroundings, they are also thinking of how to make a more enticing environment for visitors and staff.

To find out how the Infinitum Furniture can benefit your care home or retirement village, email our team on [email protected] or call 0345 034 1450.


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